When companies are stuck in their way during their performance manager process. Whenever you’re stuck in your way on anything, what’s important is to take a step back. When you take a step back you begin to co-create with others in your organization. The best way to co-create is through methodologies around organization development and transformation. This is largely around looking at what we have done well, and what can we do better, which is the very essence of great performance management in and of itself.

Let’s look at the things that worked in performance management, the things that we know should stay, and then the things that we know we could do better with. The things we could do better with are the things that we begin to reassess and reevaluate with our executive team. We innovate new and important types of ways that will connect to what the core of our business and purpose really is.

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Team and Company Alignment Are Critical Components ofLarge-Scale Change

94% of employees that love their workspace and are aligned with its values are 2-4 times more likely to perform more and recommend their company

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