Louis Carter Chosen as a Top Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coach

Hello, my name is Marchall Goldsmith and I’m an executive educator, I’m an executive coach and I’m an author.

I am very excited to talk about our a 100 Coaches project. So I’ve tried to pick a great group of people and I really love the people I’ve selected. One thing I’ve been amazed about in our 100 coaches so far is not that they’re smart; I read their BIOS I know every one of these people is very smart people. What I’ve been amazed is how nice they are as well how kind, how generous.

So Louis Carter is the CEO Best Practice Institute, he is a top advisor to C level executives of major companies, author of 10 books including “Change Champions Field Guide”. In his newest book “In Great Company” he is a person who studied organization, understands what they do well, what they don’t do well. He is an expert on many facets involved with developing people.

Social Connectedness in Your Organization. How to Create a More Engaged Workplace

I built my senior executive board based on values of respect and positivity. I became very interested in researching the concept of loving your workplace and feeling emotionally connected to your workplace.

I found that the most important aspects for emotional connectedness and loving your workplace is ethical alignment respect and appreciation of positivity the very principles that we created for the senior executive board more than 15 years ago.

Servant Leadership – Progress and Transformation Inside Your Company

A Best Practice Institute we have always been about nurturing and inspiring the human spirit and doing that through servant leadership. At Best Practice Institute we have always used servant leadership as a model for serving our clients.

I want you to know that we’re here for you as an individual senior executive board member and also for your organization. We serve you. We think of you as our kings and queens of our senior executive board and our clients.

There is no one more important than you. There is no one more important than your progress and transformation inside of your company.

Take Control and Achieve Change

There is something truly beautiful, magical about when you bring peers together for a common cause. When people choose buddies and peers to help them get better over time we create a community that has a vision that is much larger than any individual.

When people follow up with each other in a consistent basis and talk to each other on the phone about specific items that the can get better on and better at every day of their lives and save themselves instead of passively: “what did I do wrong”?

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Team and Company Alignment Are Critical Components ofLarge-Scale Change

94% of employees that love their workspace and are aligned with its values are 2-4 times more likely to perform more and recommend their company

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