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Do You Have What it Takes to Lead a Great Place to Work?

Would you like to lead like leaders at a “Great Places to Work” organization? Every year, there are countless company rankings in a number of different categories, ranging from “Happiest Workplace” to “Best Workplace for Women”. GlassDoor recently...

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Leveraging The Power Of The Chief Talent Officer

Great people make great companies–and more CEOs are realizing that putting stock in talent acquisition and development is just good strategy. Twelve years ago, recruiting guru Kevin Wheeler wrote an article with the cheeky title, “Chief Talent Officer:...

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Open Space BPI Senior Executive Board Meeting

Picture a meeting where everyone was invited to be the leader of the group, and everyone takes responsibility for their own learning and meeting agenda in a collaborative, open, safe, and even friendly manner. Our BPI Senior Executive Board (SEB) at the...

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Integration Through Transformation

Why is the dream of integrated talent management so hard to translate into reality? After more than a decade of “the war for talent,” the quest to integrate talent solutions remains elusive. Many executives are crying out for better integration. Leaders...

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Reimagining HR and New Directions in Talent Reviews

When human capital was plentiful, the focus was on which people to let go, which to keep, and which to reward—and for those purposes, traditional appraisals (with their emphasis on individual accountability) worked pretty well. But when talent was in...

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Making Matrix Organizational Design Work

The matrix organizational design derives its name from resembling a table with elements included in both rows and columns. This type of organizational structure results in solid line and dotted line reporting relationships on organizational charts. The...

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