Make the choice to change

My goal is to help committed CEOs and top executive leaders in achieving their change goals.

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Make the choice to change

My goal is to help committed CEOs and top executive leaders in achieving their change goals.

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We have taken the best methods of organization and leadership development, family systems therapy, group and individual dynamics, neuroscience, and research on follow-up and high performance to bring you the #1 methodology in executive coaching and assessment available on the market.

Emotionally Connected Leader Coaching

To effectively make change, you must be committed to digging deep into the advice and perceptions of others and for yourself, and practicing the change on a daily basis. Emotionally connected leadership happens when you retrain yourself throughout a 30-240 day period to perform a practice differently with more collaboration, value alignment, respect, positivity, and achievement orientation. This process, known as neural-bundling and pruning for old, destructive patterns and behaviors is where deep change happens.

Daily Active Planning

We will determine the exact practices and actions you agree to take to change. Through a process of self-scoring, you will have a record of your Change GPA over time.

Consistent 360-Degree Feedback

You will take a few micro 360-degree feedback assessments to determine the changes you have over your set period of time. The 360-degree feedback uses the feed-forward instead of feedback method which focuses on what you can do better rather than what you have done wrong. In addition, it uses a positive, appreciative approach which gives you information on your strengths. A few variables are measured quantitatively to show a change over time diagram.

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Marshall Goldsmith

Rated #1 Executive Coach and best selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Leaders and managers are going to fall in love with Louis Carter’s application… Louis gives you a simple way to request and receive appreciation, mini-ratings, and feedforward on what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.


Richard O'Leary

Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Hardinge Inc

Lou is one of the clear thought leaders in the field of talent and change management as well as leading HR practices. His special strength is developing the next generation of leaders and bringing cutting edge solutions to organizations that enable an abundance of talent. His energy, zest for life and ability to make friends instantly is contagious. I learn something each time we meet. More importantly he helps all around believe and belong to something bigger than themselves. Lou is one of the most strategic minds with a range of interests that reminds one of Bill Gates in his curiosity and delight of life. I recommend Lou and his organization to you with the highest regard.


Christopher Carney

Senior Litigation Counsel at Department of Justice

Lou is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and enterprising people I have ever met. I have known him for 20 years and can attest to the fact that his talents are matched only by his integrity. I consider it a high honor to be his friend, and have watched with admiration as he has built his company from the ground-up.


Gerry Kells

VP HR Operations & Technology at Johnson & Johnson

What a great-customer focused individual. He is great to work with and brings great value and results to everyone.


Christine Tricoli

Chief Talent Officer, CIT

Louis is one of the most intelligent and genuine people I have ever met. He brings people together and creates an environment conducive to sharing and learning. He is a thought leader who combines theory with practice and offers hands on solutions to everyday talent challenges.


Brian Fishel

SVP Enterprise Chief Talent Officer at KeyBank and HR Director Risk Management

I’ve known Louis for over 15 years. His customer focus is off the charts and provides the very best thought leadership and coaching available today.


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