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Louis Carter has created a leadership development and organizational culture process that works every time. Based on top methods and practices in organization and leadership development, Louis brings you through an evidenced-based, quantitative solution for driving positive change into your organization.

Louis is voted as one of the top 10 Global Gurus in the World by Global Gurus, CEO of Best Practice Institute, author of more than 11 books on leadership and management, MG100 member and highly sought after CEO executive coach and organization development expert.

He has worked for nearly all of the F500, government agencies such as the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, US Department of Justice, Pentagon, United Nations, and helped mid-sized companies make it to their next level of growth.

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Marshall Goldsmith

Rated #1 Executive Coach and best selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Leaders and managers are going to fall in love with Louis Carter’s application… Louis gives you a simple way to request and receive appreciation, mini-ratings, and feedforward on what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.

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Emotionally Connected Leader Coaching

To effectively make change, you must be committed to digging deep into the advice and perceptions of others and for yourself, and practicing the change on a daily basis. Emotionally connected leadership happens when you retrain yourself throughout a 30-240 day period to perform a practice differently with more collaboration, value alignment, respect, positivity, and achievement orientation. This process, known as neural-bundling and pruning for old, destructive patterns and behaviors is where deep change happens.

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Daily Active Planning

We will determine the exact practices and actions you agree to take to change. Through a process of self-scoring, you will have a record of your Change GPA over time.

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Consistent 360-Degree Feedback

You will take a few micro 360-degree feedback assessments to determine the changes you have over your set period of time. The 360-degree feedback uses the feed-forward instead of feedback method which focuses on what you can do better rather than what you have done wrong. In addition, it uses a positive, appreciative approach which gives you information on your strengths. A few variables are measured quantitatively to show a change over time diagram.

Develop a culture of emotionally connected leaders who create peak performance

Download our latest research on Emotional Connectedness and How to Create a Most Loved Workplace.

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