Dr. Jim Kim and Louis Carter

Ending world poverty is right up there as the most massive challenge of all ages. It requires huge amounts of collaboration among leaders across the world – US Congress, Senate, Office of the President, and other leaders of nations to provide funding and the right ideology and belief in the right to human existence.

Unfortunately, the world does not work this easily. Party lines divide, and political philosophies and values become misaligned with one purpose: end poverty and boost shared prosperity.

Imagine knowing that children were dying and every second counted to get funding for vaccines that would bring them back to health. What would you do? Dr. Jim Kim and his colleague Dr. Paul Farmer were doing just this – helping alleviate the pain and suffering of children against all odds, political philosophies, and party lines – some of whom were against funding because they believed in sustaining the status quo rather than curing illness and alleviating poverty.

In their documentary, Bending the Arc, Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Jim Kim show their heroic battle to fight for the lives of millions of people suffering from poverty and illness.

Dr. Jim Kim and Louis Carter 1
Louis Carter, CEO of Best Practice Institute and Dr. Jim Kim, President of World Bank

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