Four Surefire Ways to Hire and Scale Rapidly

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Companies that want to seize opportunities, grow unconstrained, and look long-term are hiring fast. Once you know you need to hire quickly, the following steps can ensure that you’re hiring process is efficient and productive. Here are four surefire ways for hiring quality talent for your company and then scaling quickly

  • Co-Create a Standard Process

Even though more than 26 million Americans are unemployed, the labor market is not overflowing with qualified individuals.

Many newly unemployed people are taking advantage of the opportunity to freelance, undertake contract work, or start their own thing to supplement their income and keep their skills current.

Co-Creating a standard process entails having a strategy before posting a vacancy for future openings. An intake meeting should bring HR, the recruiting manager, and others participating in the interview process.

During the recruiting process, an intake meeting ensures that everyone is on the same page and has explicit knowledge of their position by:

  • Distinguishing must-haves from nice-to-haves clarifies work duties.
  • Establishing the best candidate for the position
  • Defining the role of each person during the interviewing process
  • Identify the steps of the interview process and individuals who will participate at each point and schedule follow-up meetings.
  • Have a good understanding of everyone’s interviewing ability.
  • Get rid of any interview questions or stages that aren’t necessary.
  • Create a framework that can determine whether or not a candidate is a proper fit and who will complement and further enhance your culture. 

Intake meetings help avoid misunderstandings, delays in the process, and the loss of a good candidate due to a chaotic interview experience.

Following up with the candidate determines if they should be moved to the next stage, rejected, or employed. Companies may utilize technology to speed up the hiring process and make better judgments.

  • Hire Culture Multipliers

Scaling allows you to bring on highly talented people. Each new team member should enable the best elements of your culture. Think of your hires as culture multipliers. New talented people can continue to strengthen the best aspects of what makes your company the most successful. Following this scalability concept will ensure that your corporation’s collective abilities continue to improve over time. 

Your new hires will ultimately become hiring managers. You’ll be establishing a company culture that becomes progressively talented and driven over time if you bring on new staff motivated to be on the same team as the other Culture Multiplier players.

Candidates must have a track record of achieving success in some capacity, whether professionally or personally. They must demonstrate that they have what it takes to be a valuable team member and fit the knowledge and behaviors, attributes, attitude, and competencies that have made your company successful. 

  • Create a Recruitment Marketing Plan

Treat your candidate pipeline the same way you would a sales lead pipeline. You need to create a recruitment marketing plan with defined targets connected with your growth goals if you want to increase the number of applicants and attract the ideal individuals.

This strategy should include the ideal candidate profile, desired timelines, and efforts to achieve your objectives. Paying for LinkedIn advertising targeting talented people or designing high-converting landing pages that clearly define the necessary skills, corporate culture, and perks are examples of such activities.

A recruitment marketing strategy will not only assist your team in attracting more of the appropriate people, but it will also preserve time by attracting fewer of the wrong people.

  • Go Where Potential Employees Are

Even if your job advertisement is appealing, it may not attract suitable candidates if it never catches their attention. To avoid this, take the time to figure out where prospective employees are looking for jobs comparable to yours, and then focus your hiring efforts there.

Don’t know where to start? Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, job sites like Monster or Indeed, and professional associations in your field are all excellent places to start.

Final Word

When you find someone you think is a talented team member and a good culture fit, be sure to put your new system into place immediately to validate your assumptions. When your team is involved in a standard procedure that they helped build, you are much more likely to bring in the best people quickly. 


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