Great Leaders Have Core Values (Part 5 of 7)

One of the greatest things people have that moves in the way of our perceptions is noise. Noise in our heads. In order to move beyond that noise you need a process. You need a way to let go of what you think you know so the greatest good can come to you and your organization. I think about a great man who I interviewed and knew a while back named Senator George Mitchell. Senator George Mitchell helped create peace in Ireland. He created the Northern Ireland Peace Accords. He enabled it to happen with the warring factions in Ireland at a time when tensions were the highest and conflict was the highest. The way he did this was to create a nucleus. A nucleus of people who agreed to specific things. They knew that there was something greater than themselves at play. They knew that they were doing this for posterity. They knew that if they didn’t do it, lives were at stake. The country was at stake and they loved their children. They all agreed on that one thing.

Senator George Mitchell felt the same way and he told me, “I will stay here until this is resolved.” He stayed in that room until it’s resolved. He says, “I will not leave here until this is resolved.” And sure enough, that nucleus of people, when they were brought into a room of conflict with so much noise you wouldn’t believe it. Only believe it from what you see on the news. It stopped. It quieted. It became much closer to our hearts and minds in a way that you could never get without having that nucleus. Through true heart and mind connection and co-creation with that nucleus of people, you have the power to transform your entire organization.

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