Do you want to build a great company?

Hi, I’m Louis Carter. I literally wrote the book on how to build a great company and I’m determined to help you lead at your highest best.

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about me


Louis Carter is Chief Executive Coach, Founder & CEO of the Best Practice Institute, an association, executive coaching firm, and advisory service to C-level executives of F500 companiel helping them transform their organizations into an environment where employees are emotionally connected and want to produce the best results for their company.

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To effectively make change, you must be committed to digging deep into the advice and perceptions of others and for yourself, and practicing the change on a daily basis.

Louis Carter has several podcasts on leadership and management. Interviews focus on organizational culture and executive coaching, as well as over 20 years of research on best practices in leadership development and talent management.

I am passionate about the work I do, am driven every day to perform at my peak, and I want you to have that same drive for yourself and those within your organization.

My Books

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In Great Company

How to Spark Peak Performance By Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace

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Best Practices in Talent Management

How the World’s Leading Corporations Manage, Develop, and Retain Top Talent

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The Change Champion’s Field Guide

Strategies and Tools for Leading Change in Your Organization

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My Articles

When it comes to creating and facilitating deeply connected relationships in organizations, I believe I am the best.

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What Great Leadership and Music Have In Common

A leader is both a singer and a songwriter. People don’t really listen unless there is an emotional impact that causes them never to forget.

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35 Books For Entrepreneurs

What are the best books for entrepreneurs? Well, there are lots of must-reads if you’re a small business owner.

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How to Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Businesses can operate without a strong positive workplace culture, but only a strong cultural spirit adds value to operations and business futures.

My Podcasts

Here are some of the most recent podcasts that define his work and current research on executive coaching and leadership development.

Emotionally Connected Workplaces

Episode 75

Rhett Power With Louis Carter

Power Lunch Live

Leading While Green

Episode 83

My Awards

Louis Carter has won several awards throughout his professional career.  Here are some of the most recent awards.

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Top 10 Global Guru

Louis Carter named as a Top 10 Global Guru in the Field of Organizational Culture.

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Learning! Champions

Setting the Pace: Trailblazer Award.
Louis Carter: Top HR Product of the Year

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HR Tech Conference 2014

For Louis Carter’s Innovation:

My SPARK Model

I have a simple, straightforward, SPARK model that works EVERY TIME.
But it takes work.


Systemic Collaboration

Collaboration is a common business buzzword, but systemic collaboration is different. It gets to the core of true and functional collaboration—where collaboration becomes a part of the inner workings of the organization and its decision-making processes.



Because positivity is a cultural contagion, emotional connectedness is achieved when individuals use it in a unified way to move forward together to achieve results. 



Organizations that place an emphasis on higher-order qualities such as honesty, integrity, and resonance with personal beliefs, drive emotional connectedness when leaders and peers embrace these common values.



Perhaps the most important of the five elements, respect is the element that catalyzes all of the others to drive peak performance. A sense of emotional connectedness becomes far deeper in environments where respect is established as a type of social currency that is exchanged reciprocally.



Achievements feel hollow unless both the individual and organization experience a benefit. Killer achievement delivers a combination of financial and emotional upside that amplifies the effect for everyone.

Working with Louis Carter

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Brian Fishel

Chief Human Resurces Officer, Keybank

I’ve known and worked with Louis for over 15 years. His customer focus is off the charts and provides the very best thought leadership and coaching available today.

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Bruce Cryer

Adjunct Faculty, Stanford University USA

I’ve known Lou for more than a decade and in that time have found him to be an extremely creative, visionary and thoughtful leader who has a keen sense of what leaders and organizations need.

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Christine Tricoli

Head of Human Resources, Kaufman Group

Louis is one of the most intelligent and genuine people I have ever met. He is a thought leader who combines theory with practice and offers hands-on solutions to everyday talent challenges.

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You’re in good company

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