Louis <strong><em>Carter</em></strong>

CEO & Founder of Best Practice Institute

Retain your best employees, increase productivity,
and create a community that fosters peak performance.

Working with Louis

I've known and worked with Louis for over 15 years. His customer focus is off the charts and provides the very best thought leadership and coaching available today.

Brian Fishel

Chief Human Resources Officer, KeyBank

Louis is insightful, creative, solution-oriented, open and easy to work with. He works hard to create a good product with the interests of the end-user in mind.

Mike Schechter

General Counsel , AGC-MN

About Louis <strong><em>Carter</em></strong>

Louis Carter is Chief Executive Coach, Founder & CEO of the Best Practice Institute, an association, executive coaching firm, and advisory service to C-level executives of F500 companies helping them transform their organizations into an environment where employees are emotionally connected and want to produce the best results for their company.

He has over 20 of experience as an executive coach to CEOs, Chief Talent Officers, and CHROs. He has taught at numerous universities worldwide including Tsinghua School of Business and People's University in Beijing, Jackson State University, Seton Hall University and Universal Network Intelligence (UNI).


Qualifications and Education

  •  MA, Social/Organizational Psychology, Columbia University
  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certification – Marshall Goldsmith
  • Tactics for Change Agents Team Coaching Certification
  • International Coaching Federation Professional Membership
  • Conflict Resolution Certification (Columbia University)
  • Human Interaction Laboratory/T-Groups


Louis is the author of 10 books on best practices and organizational leadership, including Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change, Best Practices in Talent Management, and Change Champions Field Guide.

Louis’ 11th book, In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance Through Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace, will be released in early 2019 by McGraw-Hill.


Louis Carter has won numerous awards, such as:

  • Top Corporate Leader Award (Over 35) – Top 25 – HR.com
  • Top 25 Coach Trailblazer Award – eLearning Media Group
  • Best of Leadership Development – Leadership Excellence Magazine
  • Skillrater: Top HR Products of the Year – HR Executive Magazine
  • Training Industry Leadership Companies Watch List – Training Industry Magazine


This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the Change Champion's Field Guide is filled with the information, tools, and strategies needed to implement a best practice change or leadership development initiative where everyone wins.

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Co-Creating and Transforming You and Your Organization Through Best and Next Practices.

Louis Carter specializes in best practice research as an advisor, speaker and best-selling author of 10 books on best practices including Change Champion's Field Guide and Best Practices in Talent Management.

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CEO & Founder of Best Practice Institute

Retain your best employees, increase productivity, and create a community that fosters peak performance.

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