Driving success in the corporate world

Top 9 Leadership Styles

A critical factor driving success in the corporate world is strong leadership. A great leader, even in the most challenging environments, can coach, guide, inspire, and maintain team spirit. Strong leadership is especially crucial in fast-paced or dynamic organizational environments.

Considering this, regardless of whether you lead a group, mission, department, or an entire company or government, you would do well if you identify and embrace a specific leadership style.  To succeed, you will need to develop a solid understanding of leadership styles that are common in many organizations today.

Knowledge of the different leadership styles will help you in determining your current leadership aptitude. Once you have this awareness, you may adapt your style to fit the requirements of your current and future leadership roles. The following is an introduction to the top 9 leadership styles that you can choose from.

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1. Autocratic Leadership

Published on February 1st
An autocratic leader makes decisions by themselves without taking any feedback.  They generally don’t take advice from subordinates and expect them to conform to the decision they have made.
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2. Charismatic Leadership

Published on February 8th
People with this leadership style can be invaluable to a company that is looking to grow or faces a crisis. This is because they can quickly turn things in their favor by developing a deep understanding of the people around them.
Leadership Styles 3

3. Laissez Faire Leadership

Published on February 15th
Laissez-faire leadership grants full freedom to subordinates or followers to function how they want and with what they want; a laissez-faire leader leaves followers with as many roles and choices as possible.
Leadership Styles 4

4. Participative Leadership

Published on February 22nd
Participative leadership can often be a sluggish form of decision-making, but it has many benefits that can make it the best type of leadership in certain organizations or environments.
Leadership Styles 5

5. Servant Leadership

Published on March 1st
Servant leaders share authority and decision-making power with those under them. Additionally, they lead the company based on the team’s interests.
Leadership Styles 6

6. Directive Leadership

Published on March 8th
The Directive Leader is capable of providing guidance, creating goals, and establishing timelines and criteria for success. However, if the situation warrants, a directive leader can adapt and display supportive conduct as well.
Leadership Styles 7

7. Facilitative Leadership

Published on March 15th
A facilitative leader facilitates the execution of tasks to make things easier for subordinates. A variety of indirect communication strategies are used to help the team come to a consensus and encourage commitment to the decision made.
Leadership Styles 8

8. Transformational Leadership

Published on March 22nd
This style often encourages trust and transparency amongst team members. In organizations with a creative workforce that excels in interactive environments, this leadership style can be very effective.
Leadership Styles 9

9. Task-Oriented Leadership

Published on March 29th
Task-oriented leaders have many attributes that help ensure that things are carried out in a way that is both professional and timely. Typically, these leaders develop simple easy-to-follow work plans with specific timelines and requirements to ensure this.

No matter which of these top 9 leadership styles you adopt, there are some general leadership habits that you can demonstrate to enhance employee morale and performance. Being a good role model for your followers is one of them. Your followers will be more willing to accept your authority and let you take the lead when you set a good example for them and display an interest in their growth.

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