Louis fits with your organization’s culture, mission, vision, and values. Let Lou transform your organizational mindset and develop your leadership point of view to become more connected to your strategy, purpose, and founding elements.

Most Loved WorkPlace

Learn the factors that make a Most Loved Workplace. After studying over 300 organizations, & 12 different factors that make a most loved or most hated workplace, Louis Carter dentified the keys to having a workplace where everyone truly wants to produce business results. The results of this study sometimes contradict what popular & more traditional engagement, and best places to work have provided. As it turns out, having a best friend at work, or liking your boss/manager is not the way to an employee’s inner psyche to perform. There are much different factors that make them want to produce major results.

Workshop and Keynote Offerings 1

Research performed by Louis Carter and the Best Practice Institute found that people in fact reach peak-performance when they like their co-workers, have a strong sense of belonging, & can also provide for their families.

During this workshop or keynote session, you will learn:

1. The critical success factors for the highest level of employee productivity – whether it is more sales or excellence in customer, member or patient satisfaction.

2. How to get the greatest net promoter score for your company.

3. What you can do to become a Most Loved Place to Work

4. Who are the most important people to involve in a transformation of your talent to the highest performers and brand champions for your company

Change Champions

Becoming a Champion of Change by Engaging Your Community, Team, Individuals, and Company

Lou works in groups and one-on-one to engage the audience in the process of change and transformation.  He will present processes, systems, and examples to bring us to this conclusion and then work with the room to establish an understanding of the process.

During this session, participants will learn:

  1. The Best Practices Systems Model for Developing Best Practices
  2. The Myth of the Thought Leader: Finding the Thought Leader in You
  3. First Steps to Take When You Go Back Home: Transfer Back On-The-Job
  4. The holistic approach to personal and organizational transformation.

Find Purpose and Make a Dent in Your Organization’s

Workshop and Keynote Offerings 2

Do you have a purpose at work? Do you find you are respected and live the values that you espouse? Learn the process of forming a connected and engaged talent community.

  1. Learn the neuroscience behind safe collaboration, appreciation, and feed-forward.
  2. Get the purpose model – which includes how understanding and applying purpose, process, and practice helps in sharing and creating your talent management story.
  3. Discover and begin dialogue with your colleagues who will help you achieve your goals at the conference and during the year.
  4. Learn cases related to finding purpose and making impact and measure your results in your organization


My Roadmapping Workshops give innovators and executives alike the chance to create real-time solutions to jobs that must be done.

1. Determine the Job To Be Done and Outcome Expectations.

2. Explore as many ideas as possible.

3. Create final idea and design.

4. Develop a timeline and milestones for implementation.

5. Present the plan to colleagues in the room for feedback and help.

Deep Connect

Workshop and Keynote Offerings 3

People thrive on deep human connection. When given the chance to connect in-person, on a deep emotional, spiritual, and heart-centered level,  transformation happens – and leaders move from being average to extraordinary.  Especially in times of conflict, it is natural for anyone to become “highjacked” with emotions.

Advanced neurobiological research indicates that the more we come together toward common objectives and desires, the greater our ability to heal ourselves and our communities. In this 3-5 day workshop, you will be brought through an intensive awareness of yourself, how you work within community, and with each other. And, you will create an ecumenical document that transforms the way you and your colleagues believe the world should work.

During this workshop you will gain:

1. A deeper awareness of your own personal leadership potential

2. Stronger competency to connect to others on a personal level

3. Create more meaningful relationships with those in the workshop and in your life

4. Develop an actual working document that the group can choose to publish in everyone’s name.

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Workshop and Keynote Offerings 4

Marshall Goldsmith

Rated #1 Executive Coach and best selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Leaders and managers are going to fall in love with Louis Carter’s application… Louis gives you a simple way to request and receive appreciation, mini-ratings, and feedforward on what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.

Richard O'Leary

Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Hardinge Inc

Lou is one of the clear thought leaders in the field of talent and change management as well as leading HR practices. His special strength is developing the next generation of leaders and bringing cutting edge solutions to organizations that enable an abundance of talent. His energy, zest for life and ability to make friends instantly is contagious. I learn something each time we meet. More importantly he helps all around believe and belong to something bigger than themselves. Lou is one of the most strategic minds with a range of interests that reminds one of Bill Gates in his curiosity and delight of life. I recommend Lou and his organization to you with the highest regard.

Christopher Carney

Senior Litigation Counsel at Department of Justice

Lou is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and enterprising people I have ever met. I have known him for 20 years and can attest to the fact that his talents are matched only by his integrity. I consider it a high honor to be his friend, and have watched with admiration as he has built his company from the ground-up.

Gerry Kells

VP HR Operations & Technology at Johnson & Johnson

What a great-customer focused individual. He is great to work with and brings great value and results to everyone.

Christine Tricoli

Chief Talent Officer, CIT

Louis is one of the most intelligent and genuine people I have ever met. He brings people together and creates an environment conducive to sharing and learning. He is a thought leader who combines theory with practice and offers hands on solutions to everyday talent challenges.

Brian Fishel

SVP Enterprise Chief Talent Officer at KeyBank and HR Director Risk Management

I’ve known Louis for over 15 years. His customer focus is off the charts and provides the very best thought leadership and coaching available today.

John Nelson

CEO and Chief Transformation Architect

I have had the honor of working with Lou for nearly 6 years as a long-time member of the BPI Sr Exec Board. Lou works tirelessly for his clients and facilitates bringing true cutting-edge best practices and thought leadership. Lou is a true pleasure to work with – passionate about other’s success, insightful, personable, engaging and thoughtful. I continue to seek out Lou for collaboration, support and thought leadership and would highly recommend him for your professional and organizational business needs.

Bruce Cryer

Adjunct Faculty – Stanford; Founder, Renaissance Human

I’ve known Lou for more than a decade and in that time have found him to be an extremely creative, visionary and thoughtful leader who has a keen sense of what leaders and organizations need. He’s on the forefront of what’s working, not trailing behind and drawing conclusions. Engage with him.

Sandy Wells

Group Director, Eastern Management Development Center, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Louis is insightful, creative, solution-oriented, open and easy to work with. He works hard to create a good product with the interests of the end-user in mind. The success of BPI is a testament to his vision and capabilities.

Mike Schechter

General Counsel & Labor Relations Director for AGC-MN

Lou is an experienced leadership and human resource development coach and professional with a keen ability to link business and human resource strategy. A “big picture” thinker, he is creative and innovative. He quickly grasps the nature of organizational challenges; his solutions are practical and actionable. Lou personifies high energy and action!

Samantha Francart

Specialist at United States Army National Guard

Lou is innovative and a leader in the fields of best practices, leadership development, executive coaching, and e-learning. I had the pleasure of working under Lou for almost three years and am so thankful for the experience and opportunity to learn and grow from him. Lou is a very understanding and genuine in all that he does. I highly recommend Lou as a boss, supervisor, trainer, and leader.

Bjorn Martinoff

C-Level, Executive CEO Coach

Working with Louis is a sheer pleasure and delight. I have enjoyed working with Louis and know he is keen on making a difference in both the profession as well as our more and more fragile planet, world and economy. Thank you Louis for being a blessing to all of us not just in what you do but also in who you are.

Daniel Bishop

Institute for HeartMath

Lou broadened my approach to the marketplace. A creative/direct approach to asking relevant questions, moving from strategic to tactical keeping the vision. His care & sensitivity for people impressed me.

Justyna Krzych

Change Manager, Zalando SE

Louis gave a truly inspirational talk at Talent Management Asia Conference in KL and it immediately caught my attention. His passion and drive to make the world a better place is contagious. As he said “We are all here to put a dent in the universe” – it’s amazing to know there are organizations who promote valuable ideas and bring like-minded leaders together.

Riges Younan

Sales Leader at Workday, enterprise cloud applications for Finance and Human Resources

I found Louis’s presentation at Talent Management Asia Conference in Singapore to be very engaging, he spoke with a great deal of passion and insight into learning and talent development. I particularly like his references to our responsibility of providing people what they want out of work and that is “purpose”.

Jen Rabino

Marketing Manager at HRM Asia (owned by Diversified Communications)

I have had the privilege of working with Lou Carter at the Talent Management Asia conference. He is passionate about leadership and is a very dynamic speaker. Lou has a very engaging presentation style and combined with great content. His keen sense of people and unique ability to make a person feel like they are the most important person in the room when talking with him. Also with his depth of business knowledge and passion to enhance individual and organizational performance make him a priceless resource for anyone seeking to achieve success in business, and in life.

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