Meeting at The World Bank

Ending world poverty through investment in infrastructure and emerging market development is an incredibly powerful talent strategy backed by sound Macro and Microeconomic theory for long term growth.

Its implications for the growth of global organizations who are already present in emerging markets or have plans to enter into new emerging markets are clear in that it sets the stage for prosperity for all parties. The systemic effect of such a goal allows for the development and financial gain of all parties necessary for the long term success of the investing organization – the shared prosperity of consumers, organizations, and employees.

Implications of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity in emerging markets and its positive gains for practices around talent alignment, talent acquisition/attraction, consumer growth, organization culture transformation, and many more talent management outcomes have become abundantly clear to me from our MG 100 Coaches meeting at the World Bank.

It was an honor to dialogue with The President of the World Bank Jim Kim, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and my fellow MG 100 Coaches about the amazing work of the World Bank in ending world poverty during our meeting at The World Bank this past Saturday.

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