In Great Company


by Louis Carter

How to Spark Peak Performance By Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace

The surefire way to boost business growth and team effectiveness: Make sure employees are emotionally connected to the company. Everything else will fall in place.

In Great Company presents a practical new approach to ensure that employees love their workplace and perform at their highest levels. These proven strategies forge a lasting emotional connection, create psychological safety and increase employee effort exponentially. The author’s simple, scalable, research-based advice is built on five elements that deliver a strong sense of belonging:

• Collaboration: New rule-setting and structure to create sustained connection
• Values Alignment: Simple practices for honesty, integrity, and ethics
• Respect: Using respect as a currency to drive engagement and high performance
• Positivity: Fostering innovation, a clear vision for the future and passion to drive connectivity and results
• Achievement: Focusing on the most critical results and eliminating minutia

You get all the tools you need to bridge the engagement divide and ensure your staff works together to drive profits and grow business.

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