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I offer the following leadership solutions – virtually – to accommodate our #NewNormal


Culture Up!

One-on-One and Team Coaching

All successful, (and unsuccessful), culture transformations begin at the top, where the baseline is established. By working closely with the Executive Sponsor, your leadership team, and key stakeholders, a CultureUp!™ Culture Map is developed for the organization, providing the important baseline, desired competencies, beliefs, and behaviors along with blueprints and goal setting aligning to your desired culture & goals.

Create a vision for a positive future.

Develop a blueprint of steps to get there with aspirational “goaling.” We apply our own passions and wishes for our own inner strengths to achieve outcomes for the business that are otherwise “unimaginable” to others. 

We assemble your top stakeholders responsible for your success and enroll them to give us a full view of you, and provide you with critical information about their perceptions. You take this information to create your behavioral goals and business goals and they become your key helpers to get you from here to there.

ConnectUp!™ Co-Creation Sessions

These virtual sessions excite the hearts and minds and ensure accountability throughout the organization.

We assemble a design team to co-create and rehearse sessions to transfer the learning to you, which will endure well after our session. 


People-Up™ Make it Happen Sessions

All good maps are only worth the paper they are printed on until we move to this phase, and, pardon my French, get %*it done. 

Together, we create action plans and begin goal tracking with teams at the top and middle that go all the way to the front lines – both behavioral and business goals.

Measure-Up! Results Charting Sessions

If you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen. We MeasureUp!™ by creating a chart of results using Leadership Effectiveness Charts that show changes over time based on supporter-centered/stakeholder-centered change. 

We’ll map the gaps, and fill them with real to-dos. 


Working with Louis Carter

Lou is such an amazing talent. He has helped me and my organization so much! I highly recommend Lou and his firm! Lou is a person of integrity, highest character and amazing intellect. He has helped me lead through some very challenging issues, always keeping me focused on what matters when noise is all around us! Thank you Lou!!

Ray Williams

CEO, Springfield Clinic

I’ve known and worked with Louis for over 15 years. His customer focus is off the charts and provides the very best thought leadership and coaching available today.

Brian Fishel

Chief Human Resources Officer, KeyBank

Louis is one of the most intelligent and genuine people I have ever met. He is a thought leader who combines theory with practice and offers hands-on solutions to everyday talent challenges.

Christine Tricoli

Head of HR, Kaufman Group

I’ve known Lou for more than a decade and in that time have found him to be an extremely creative, visionary and thoughtful leader who has a keen sense of what leaders and organizations need.

Bruce Cryer

Adjunct Faculty, Stanford University

Louis is insightful, creative, solution-oriented, open and easy to work with. He works hard to create a good product with the interests of the end-user in mind.

Mike Schechter

General Counsel, AGC-MN

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