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The Leader Show on Newsweek with Lou Carter

Well known leadership advisor, Executive coach, founder, CEO and author Louis Carter provides powerful and transformational practices that work for aspiring or developing leaders, students, coaches, and C-level executives. Are you stuck as a manager, leader or entrepreneur? This podcast will give you the thinking and mindset you need to move forward with confidence and motivation – from practices and advice that work. Learn from Louis Carter along with other CEOs from around the world how to execute, move forward and win in today’s ridiculously challenging landscape. Louis Carter draws from 20 years of experience as an organizational psychologist advising CEOs, and leaders from the private to public and government sector around the world. His newest book, In Great Company is the inspiration behind this show. The book gives practical advice to leaders at all levels on how to get back to better again, thrive, outperform and move forward despite any circumstance. Try my free leadership assessment on this site.

Hear lessons on leadership from Temple Grandin, Neurodiversity pioneer and subject of the HBO movie, Temple, a biopic of how she, as an autistic woman has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.

Temple speaks with Lou about how Neurodiverse and people on the spectrum may be different, however they are MOST certainly NOT less than others. In fact, people on the spectrum, or Neurodiverse often have talents and strengths that must be unearthed and appreciated.  She explains what we all must to do to lead our companies and all social systems in such a way that celebrates differences rather than reinforcing prejudices that harm our economic, social, and personal growth.

Louis Carter and Billionaire CEO Pat Ryan: Up your Psychic, Financial

Becoming Show Ryan Specialty

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If you’re a CEO, leader, or entrepreneur, looking for sage advice and wisdom from one of the most successful Billionaire founders and CEOs in the world, then this interview is for you. Pat Ryan and I will be talking about how he created a winning culture that helped employees build their psychic, financial, and professional value on my weekly Newsweek interview show, Leader! Join us on Tuesday at 12:05 pm EDT / 9:05 am PDT / 5:05 pm BST.
Patrick G. Ryan is an American billionaire insurance businessman. He is the founder and retired chairman and CEO of Aon Corporation. In 2010, he founded Ryan Specialty Group as a holding company aimed at providing specialty services to insurance brokers, agents and carriers. Ryan was the chairman and CEO of the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid committee and is chairman of World Sport Chicago, an organization that formed out of Chicago’s Olympic bid. Ryan is a member and former chairman of the board of trustees at Northwestern University, where both major athletic facilities, Welsh-Ryan Arena and Ryan Field, are named after him. Ryan owns a large minority interest in the Chicago Bears.

Louis Carter and CEO Avanade Pam Maynard Lead With Love

Avanade CEO Pam Maynard

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, features CEO of Avanade Pam Maynard! Join in on the conversation with host Louis Carter today, April 12 at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT. Pam will talk with Lou about how Avanade ensures its people are making a genuine human impact each day on their employees, clients, and communities. She draws from her experience as one of the few black female tech CEOs to lead with moral clarity and set a new standard where everyone is encouraged to bring their whole selves to work.

Lou Carter and LivePerson CEO Rob Locascio: How to Hire for Culture Fit

LivePerson CEO Rob Locascio

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For this week the Newsweek interview show, Leader, Louis Carter talks with the CEO of LivePerson, Rob LoCascio Join us tomorrow, March 29th, at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST / 5 pm GMT. Rob, one of the longest-standing founding CEOs of a tech company today, will share how to hire for culture fit and create and lead a company culture that employees love.

Lou Carter and US Steel CEO David Burritt on the Strength of Values

Becoming Show US Steel

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, with host Louis Carter features CEO of United States Steel Corporation @Dave Burritt! Join in on the conversation tomorrow, April 5 at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT. Dave will talk with Lou about the core values that have made a difference in the culture and performance at US Steel.

Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Madison Reed

Becoming Show Madison Reed

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, features CEO and founder of Newsweek’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplace Madison Reed, Amy Errett! Join in on the conversation NOW LIVE! Amy will talk with host Louis Carter about how to make a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) through core values of love, joy, courage, trust & responsibility. Madison Reed is a Most Loved Workplace

ChenMed CEO, Chris Chen, M.D. on Health and Love at Work

Becoming Show ChenMed

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, features ChenMed CEO Christopher Chen, MD! See this live on-demand interview when Chris talks with host Louis Carter about how to make love a central part of the healthcare experience and integrate it into the fabric of the business for all employees and physicians to practice each day. Learn more about ChenMed’s unique programs and practices around Diversity, Inclusion, Love, Accountability, and Passion at Work.

Kaplan CEO Greg Marino and Louis Carter On Creating Family-Based

Becoming Show Kaplan

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, features Kaplan Inc. North America CEO Greg Marino! Join in on the conversation tomorrow, April 26 at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT. Greg will talk with Louis Carter about how Kaplan creates a Most Loved Workplace of highly engaged and long-tenured employees, where family and love is core to its value system.

Catalyzing Human Progress through AI and Robotic Process Automation

Becoming Show Automation Anywhere

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, features a Newsweek Top 100 Most Loved Workplace, Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla! Join in on the conversation tomorrow, April 19 at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT. Mihir will talk with host Louis Carter about how to create an empowering and innovative workplace culture, and catalyze human progress through Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Louis Carter and CEO Cadence Anirudh Devgan: Underrepresented employees as a growth strategy for investors

Becoming Show Cadence

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This week’s Newsweek interview show, Leader, features CEO of Cadence Design Systems – Anirudh Devgan! Join in on the conversation today, May 17th, at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT. Anirudh will talk with Louis Carter about the importance of focus and drive and the impact of diversity and inclusion groups at Cadence on underrepresented employees as a growth strategy for investors, employees, and customers! See you soon! Cadence is a 2021 Top 100 America’s Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplace.

Ending the War in Ukraine: Leader Show with Guest COL Jeffrey Mc Causland

Becoming Show Ukraine

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In this interview, COL Jeff McCausland advises the White House, Congress, and NATO on how to end the war in Ukraine. COL McCausland’s advice is one of several advisory positions you will hear in my new series. “Ending the War in Ukraine” on the Newsweek Leader Show. The War in Ukraine has caused tragic consequences for the world. Massive loss of life, economic decline, and setting a new world norm for conflict and aggression that has the potential to escalate into the usage of nuclear weaponry and all principal nations engage in combat in the Ukraine and Russia. To help us make sense of this, I have brought together a series of experts to provide their views and advise the White House, Senate/Congress, and NATO. Each expert guest provides different viewpoints by design. The best advisory councils are made up of all views to provide leaders with a full 360-degree view of the various scenarios that may play out due to their decisions.

Marshall Goldsmith joins Louis Carter on Newsweek’s Leader Show

Becoming Show Marshall

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Join Marshall Goldsmith and Louis Carter as they talk about how to lose your addiction to achievement and live a happier and more fulfilled life. During our time together, Marshall gives sage advice in his new book, The Earned Life, where he offers ways you can begin to change your temptations to wallow in regret and redefine thinking about aspiration, ambition, and action. You’ll learn lessons from NFL superstars, Fortune 500 CEOs, billionaire entrepreneurs, and everyday achievers on the same mission as us all – to be more human, inspired, fulfilled, and ultimately happier.

Temple Grandin, subject of HBO movie played by Claire Daines

Becoming Show Temple Grandin

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Join Lou Carter and Temple Grandin, one of Time Magazine’s most influential people in the world, and subject of HBO movie Temple Grandin played by Claire Danes. Join in on the conversation today at 1:00pm ET/10amPT. Temple Grandin talks with host Louis Carter about the importance of Neurodiversity as a growth strategy for businesses, the development of our society and advancement of technology and innovation. See you soon!

Stop “Quiet Quitting” and Get Your Career in Shape!

Becoming Show Quiet Quitting

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Join Lou Carter as he speaks with Dr. Candace Steele Flippin author of Get Your Career In Shape, a #1 bestseller about Reversing the Effects of Quiet Quitting and how to find and grow the career you want and deserve. Register for the show here, which will air on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 12pm ET/9am PT.
The term “quiet quitting” is a new job trend that doesn’t involve quitting. Instead, it means no longer going above and beyond at your job and only doing what you are required to do. Dr. Steele Flippin is also the author of Generation Z in the Workplace and Millennials in the Workplace, two practical guides to bridge generation gaps in communications, leadership, and team building.

Secrets You Must Know About to Be Happy with Tia Graham

Becoming Show Secrets with Tia Graham

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You must see if you are struggling with feeling angry, depressed, sad, or unmotivated. Tia Graham, Chief Happiness Officer, gives valuable research, practices, and secrets around how to be happier at work and in life from her book “Be A Happy Leader.” Tia shares essential techniques for staying happy every day that she has studied, taught, and consulted on for many years.