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Louis Carter has written hundreds of articles on leadership and management.  Here are some of the most recent articles that define his work and current research on executive coaching and leadership development. 

Most Loved Workplaces (Leader to Leader Journal )

How to Deal with a Dysfunctional Company Culture With Emotionally Connected Leadership  (Forbes)

Understanding the Emotionally Connected Coach (Modern Talent)

Best of Best Practices (Training and Development Magazine)

Emotional Disconnect: Digitization is causing employees to feel less connected to the people they work with and the work they do (Training&Development Magazine)

Building Your Organizational Community: Inspiring Loyalty and a Sense of Belonging Among Diverse Constituents (Recruiter Magazine)

Louis Carter/Best Practice Institute Thinks Workplaces Should be Emotionally Connected (Forbes Magazine)

How to Make Your Leadership Development Relevant and Viral (Training Magazine)

6 Phases of the Employee Lifecycle (Training Industry)

To Supercharge Growth, Start by Tearing Down Silos (Fast Company)

5 Factors that Lead to More Productive Employees (Training and Development)

Technology is no match for the human element (Training and Development)

Tell the World Just How Talented You Really Are (Silicon Valley Publication, Pando Daily on Louis' Carter's creation of skillrater)

Louis Carter’s US Patent for Skillrater:


Creating a Culture of Leadership with Travis Thomas on Live Yes, And! 

Leadership Views from the Top on Voice America

Louis Carter Inspires a Movement in the HR Community: Inspiration at Work Radio with Terry Barber (Ranked 2018 Best ATD Podcasts)

Emotional Connectedness in the Workplace on Dr. Diane Hamilton's Radio Show




Top Corporate Leader Award (Over 35) – Top 25

Learning! Champions: Setting the Pace: TRAILBLAZER – Award Louis Carter: Top HR Product of the Year Award  HR Tech Conference 2014 for Louis Carter’s innovation: (Training Magazine)


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