Senior Executive Board

My Senior Executive Board is a hand-picked group of CHROs, CTOs, and Heads of Talent Management who have a passion for making the world, executives, and our organizations a better place. If you are interested in being considered if and when a seat opens up on the Board, please contact me to set up an initial conversation.

Texas Rangers – Talentball

Meeting with the general manager, head of analytics at the texas rangers stadium, we hit issues around how we predict the behaviors and actions of employees and consumers of our world’s best organizations.

Meetings 1
Meetings 2

The Pentagon

Meeting with top Pentagon officials, we targeted and benchmarked key areas around organization strategy, career transition, and result-driven change.

Meetings 3
Meetings 4

from left to right, Louis Carter, CEO Best Practice Institute, Inc., COL Gary Kayser, Capt. Dave Opatz, Captain COL Ron Lundy, COL John Hickey of the Pentagon/Office of Secretary of Defense.


Meeting with Mehmood Khan, the Chief Scientific Officer of Pepsico, David Deacon, the Chief Talent Officer of MasterCard along with his team of innovators, we discussed how we can design our own centers for talent and consumer product innovations.

Meetings 5
Meetings 6

United Nations

Meeting with Ursula Wynhoven, Global Director of the UN Global Compact and the Assistant Secretary General of Human Resources of the United Nations.

Meetings 7

Lena Markart (UN), Mike Rosenberg, (CIT), David Deacon (MasterCard), Beth Keeler (Pfizer), Brian Fishel (KeyBank), Hy Pomerance (QBE), Rick O’Leary (Milacron), Marshall Goldsmith, Louis Carter (BPI), Alan Richter (QED), Eren Rosenfeld (BlackRock), Maria Van Parys (Liberty Mutual), Leslie Joyce (Novelis), Wendy Branche (Tyco), Dottie Brienza (Bristol Myers Squibb), Ursula Wynhoven (UN), Jim Harzfeld (UN), Julie Casella (CMP).

Meetings 8

Paul Kwiecinski and Board members from KeyBank, BlackRock, Hopkins Manufacturing and Pfizer sing to the BPI Song with a band at the famed Winston Churchill Suite of the Waldorf Astoria Towers.


Meeting at the NYSE hosted by Christine Tricoli who assisted in the post-merger integration of NYSE and Euronext. Louis Carter gave out two lifetime achievement awards – one to Frances Hesselbein, former CEO of Girl Scouts of America and another to Dr. W Warner Burke, Chair of the Social/Organizational Psychology Department of Teachers College – Columbia University.

Meetings 9

General McNabb, along with Senior Executive Board members from NYSE, Ingersoll Rand, Fidelity, GSK, Saudi Aramco, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Pfizer, Cargill, and Kelly Services.

Meetings 10

Louis Carter, CEO, BPI presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to Frances Hesselbein, former CEO of Girl Scouts of America, with Christine Tricoli, former SVP of HR of NYSE.

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