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The Best HR Practices in the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, the quality of your customer services and staff responsiveness has a direct impact on the image and reputation of your hotel, as well as its bottom line. Being the frontline brand ambassadors, the performance of your employees...

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To Rate, Or Not To Rate, That Is The Question

The performance review season is here yet again, and you know the drill. It is the time of the year when you have to call each of your team members into the conference room, and have a one-on-one talk regarding their performance throughout the evaluation...

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5 Keys from Bernie Swain to Help You Follow Your Passion

Bernie Swain is a legend in the speaking industry. He’s represented the greats from Colin Powell and Tom Brokaw, to Tony Blair and Ronald Regan. But like many entrepreneurs, his success did not come overnight, and it certainly didn’t come easy. He was the...

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4 Ways to Be More Customer-Centric

Being customer-centric is one of the most significant aspects of any company or organization. One could even argue that it is the most important aspect of the company’s existence. We see examples of customer-centric operations in business sectors, such as:...

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The 4 Keys to Growing Up as a Leader and Executive

In today’s hyper-connected corporate world, it would be very difficult for a CEO with a “command-and-control” and silo mentality to lead their company, without adapting to the ever-shifting ocean of change. It is vital that the leader break the mold and...

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In Search of Emotions: Confessions of a Strategic Thinker

In preparation for my new book on Emotional Connectedness, I asked several of my most trusted colleagues from the MG100 to tell me what they thought about the concept of emotional connectedness in business and life. In Search of Emotions: Confessions of a Strategic...

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