Chris Worley Joins the Louis Carter Show to talk about the shift from Organizational Agility to Change Fluency.

Chris Worley on Louis Carter Show

Chris Worley, one of the most prolific and innovative professor-researchers in the field of organization development will join me to discuss his newest work and research on how agility is being extended to an idea called change fluency. The idea of change fluency is being applied at firms like Google where large and mature businesses stand alongside new and growing business, where pressure for financial performance stands alongside pressure for social and environmental results. Language fluency and change fluency relate in many ways. The way we learn verbs and syntax and then practice it continuously enables us to become fluent in a language. Much like language fluency, change fluency is not a native process and must be built with consistent practice. People become comfortable with change, as they continuously design and co-create together and speak a new language of change. Effective change like achieving excellence in communication is continuous rather than episodic and never achieves an end state.

Dr. Chris Worley is a recognized leader in organization development, agility, and organization design. He is the former Director of the Master of Science in Organization (MSOD) program at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and served as past chair for the Academy of Management’s Organization Development and Change Division.

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