Becoming an employer of choice has many different ways and aspects and methodologies behind it. You’ve probably heard of a lot of the different current methods and list out there today. They all have to do with things around compensation, benefits, perks and other fancy things that employees get as a result of working at those organizations. However, a new study that we just completed called loving one’s workplace proved that there are other aspects that are more important than perks, benefits, sleeping pods and fancy foosball tables.

Of the same sample set, 95% of people stated that they are two to four times more likely to stay at their organization if they love their workplace. It turns out that ethics and integrity, and respect and appreciation came up above 80% of the most important things for loving one’s workplace. Living the values and ethics espoused by the organization as well as respect and appreciation from others were the top two of factors that define loving one’s workplace. Down in the 20’s were perks, benefits, compensation and those fancy foosball tables I’ve spoken before.

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Team and Company Alignment Are Critical Components ofLarge-Scale Change

94% of employees that love their workspace and are aligned with its values are 2-4 times more likely to perform more and recommend their company

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